My short story collection is officially out!

Hello everyone! 

Today is the day my book, Seasons, sees the light of day :D. It’s a collection of four character-driven short stories representing a broad range of speculative fiction.

  • You and Me, at the End of Our Time: In a faraway corner of the universe, a man who has lost everything finds love where he least expects it-only to lose it.
  • Gradations of Loss: In the modern world, a woman learns to live with her grief after she realises letting it go is impossible.
  • Your Heart, a Fire: A princess of a kingdom on its way to ruin braves her fear and goes on a quest, knowing its fulfilment means her death.
  • It Burns:In the wake of her grandparents’ death, a woman scratches the surface of an ancient mystery in a world where old gods have never been forgotten.

It’s available at my Kofi store and at Smashwords.

Happy reading! ♥

Announcing: Seasons

Four themes, four stories, one anthology.

Summer will tell a story of coming to terms with life, autumn of making peace with the choices made, winter of moving on from grief, and spring of hope. Join four characters on their journeys to know themselves in four different, unique worlds.

Coming in the first quarter of 2021 as an ebook to Amazon, B&N, and directly from me to you should you desire so. More information coming soon!