1. Writer: the person producing the commission (Justyna Kulisa)
  2. Client: the person purchasing the commission.
  3. Commission: the story written based on the client’s specifications upon finalising the agreement. 
  4. Agreement: The discussion made via email (or direct messages on Twitter or Discord, although email is preferred), in which the writer and the client agree on the plot the commission will cover, the commission price, and the point in time in which the writer is expected to start working on the it. The finalised version of the agreement will take form of a contract identical for both sides, in which details of the commission and the price are listed.
Terms and Conditions
  1. The writer has got the right to refuse the commission.
  2. The writer reserves the right to stop working on the commission if the client behaves inappropriately.
  3. The commission may only be of private use and the writer retains all intellectual property laws to it. Under no circumstances may the client use it for commercial purposes (f.e. contest or magazine submissions if an original story was ordered), claim it was written by them, or use it as a whole or any part of it as an NFT.
  4. The client must be a legal adult.
  5. The client reserves the right to decide on the preferred form of the delivery of the commission and its eventual upload for a wider audience on the internet.
  6. The client has the right to request changes to the commission’s contents up to the point of accepting the final version of the draft.
  7. Once the outline has been accepted by the client, no further changes can be incorporated into the story.
Cancellation and Refund Policy
  1. The client has the right to cancel the commission as long as the final outline hasn’t been accepted and the payment hasn’t been done.
  2. The writer has the right to cancel the commission at any time if unexpected real-life circumstances occur.
  3. Refund rates are as follow:
    • 100% – if the writer has to cancel the commission due to unforeseen issues
    • 60% – if the client cancels the commission after the outline has been finalised and the agreement accepted, but before the story reaches 25% of the agreed word count
    • 30% – if the client cancels the commission after the writing passes 25% mark
    • no refund is possible after the client receives the commission

Payment via PayPal only (euro is preferred)

Up to 1000 words15€$17
1001-1500 words20€$23
1501-2000 words25€$29
2001-2500 words30€$34
Prices for Patrons

Payment via PayPal only (euro is preferred)

Up to 1000 words12€$14
1001-1500 words17€$20
1501-2000 words22€$26
2001-2500 words27€$31

After the client has sent their request, we’ll finalise the details via email or DMs. Once it’s done, the client will receive the contract summarising the commission’s contents. A PayPal invoice will be issued after the contract has been signed and sent back to the writer. The commission will be finished within 2 weeks from the agreed date. The client has the right to inquire after details and the progress of the work. The full piece will be delivered via email in whatever format the client prefers (.docx, .doc, .pdf, .epub, .mobi).