Dawn That Never Came

A story of defiance and determination, of fates set in stone and defied alike. A story of a woman who takes her destiny into her own hands, and of another one who goes on a journey to find herself. A story of how they meet under the light of dying suns and realise nothing happens without a reason – and that every decision has consequences.

(work in progress)

Project Apotheosis

A story in two parts about two people going from friends to enemies to friends to lovers with war, apotheosis, and death along the way, while an intricate play spanning millennia is unveiling in the background.

(planned work)

The Act Unknown

An actor in a wandering troupe. A princess about to ascend to the throne. Their past, seemingly buried and shunned, but always only one step behind, ready to jump forth at the moment’s notice.

Enemies to lovers queer magical realism romance that unfolds as a court intrigue threatens not only their lives, but also the fate of the country barely out of civil war.

(work in progress)