Short stories


A collection of four character-driven short stories representing a broad range of speculative fiction.

  • You and Me, at the End of Our Time: In a faraway corner of the universe, a man who has lost everything finds love where he least expects it-only to lose it.
  • Gradations of Loss: In the modern world, a woman learns to live with her grief after she realises letting it go is impossible.
  • Your Heart, a Fire: A princess of a kingdom on its way to ruin braves her fear and goes on a quest, knowing its fulfilment means her death. A Polish version of this story, Płomień twego serca, has been released as part of Tęczowe i fantastyczne: antologia queerowej fantastyki by Grupa Wydawnicza Alpaka. You can download the ebook here.
  • It Burns: In the wake of her grandparents’ death, a woman scratches the surface of an ancient mystery in a world where old gods have never been forgotten.

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